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This event has designed "Students for Earth Day" as a platform to raise money for local schools and youth organizations to participate and understand the meaning of Earth Day with an athletic event.

As future stewards of the environment, our hope is to assist schools as they promote environmental awareness , active and healthy lifestyles, and the importance of community involvement.

Of the money collected by each student, 75% will go directly to their school. The  remaining 25% will be donated to the following organizations: Gateway Green Chicago, The Global Exchange, and Friends of the Park.

We invite schools large and small to join us as we run, walk, clean, and celebrate Earth Day. Below are the schools that took part in the Inaugural 5K for Earth Day "Students for Earth Day" campaign. If your school is interested in this fund raising opportunity, please send an email to schools@earthday5kchicago.com or call 773.209.0153. The 5K for Earth Day pledge form is available in English and Spanish.



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